Nigerians are really suffering, Saraki admits

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki

Nigeria’s Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has declared that he was quite aware of the numerous economic challenges facing the citizens of the nation due to unimplemented economic policies saying “Nigerians are really suffering.”
He noted that “the economic crisis rocking the nation is not unsurmountable only if the federal government can be sincere and transparent in its fight against corruption.
Saraki, who spoke to journalists at his Ilorin residence yesterday noted that the major preoccupation of the senate upon resumption on September 20, will be on finding solutions to the economic recession.

According to him, “We are going to have an exhaustive and comprehensive debate on fixing the
country’s economy when we resume next week. Already, all the economic priority bills are being analyzed and collated so that we can hit the ground running when we resume. We understand the pains that Nigerians are feeling and we do not take this for granted.
“Additionally, the Senate intends to invite everybody involved in the management of
the economy to address the Nigerian people through the parliament on the steps that are being taken to get us out of this mess. We fully intend to hold all those involved in the economic management of the country accountable.
However, we will do so in a manner that is transparent and beneficial to the country as a whole. It was equally important to begin to formulate and actualize both legislative frameworks and executive policies to minimize the effects of the recession on every Nigerians, stating
that it was also important for the parliament to start asking questions that will lead to plausible
“We need to ascertain our actual level of borrowing and what effect the devaluation of
the naira has had on our economy. Doing these will help us to understand where we are, so that we can determine where exactly we want to go from here.
“In every crisis, there is always an opportunity for positive reforms, in this regard,
in order to solve this crisis, all hands must be on deck. Ideas should be sourced from all quarters. All arms of government, people of different political beliefs, from all socio-economic backgrounds and every part of Nigeria must work together at this time” he said.
The Senate President however reiterated his call for a broader and bolder economic plan with input from both legislative and executive arms of government, the private sector, professional groups. All the groups, he said, must work together to put in place interventions that will create
more jobs, strengthen the naira, bring more investment into the country, and attain fiscal responsibility.
Saraki harped on the need for Nigeria to rally its best economic minds both from within the country and in the diaspora in order to tackle the economic recession.
“What we all need to understand is that this recession is not only an APC problem
or a PDP problem. This recession does not identify with any one party. Hence, we need to tap into the expertise of our best economic minds – wherever they are around the world –
to come up with plans that both the executive and the legislature can evaluate and implement”, he said.

He therefore expressed delight over the successful conduct of the Eid-el- Kabir prayer at Ilorin Yidi praying ground on Monday and thanked Kwarans for conducting themselves in orderly manner while the prayer lasted.
“I am happy that the peace loving Kwarans have heeded the wise counsel that politics should be separated from religion. The peaceful conduct at the praying ground has once again proved that Kwara is home of peace and harmony”



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  1. Nasr

    September 13, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    All those responsible for this economic recession should resign with immediate effect before further damage is done to the economy.

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