Corps member stages rally on mental illness in Plateau

A Corps member, Miss Deinabo Obiechina, has organized a rally on mental illness as her community development service in Plateau.

The rally was conducted in Jos at the popular terminus and Gada-biu markets in Jos North local government area of the state.

The Corp member noted that mental illness was one of the major causes of death in the society and has not been accorded the necessary attention it deserved.

Obiechina expressed worry that the society had a wrong perception that mental illness patients were only the ‘mad people’ wearing dirty clothes and picking refuse on the streets.

According to her, “Many people have the wrong impression that mentally ill people are only those on the streets who are wearing dirty clothes and picking dirt, it is beyond that. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar amongst others are also mental illness causing deaths in our society.”

She noted that the rally was to create awareness on the signs of mental illness which can aggravate to complicated cases which can be life threatening.

The batch B Corp member further added that the rally was with partnership with medical personnels whose doors were open for counseling and treatment.

She said: “This project is in partnership with quintessential health care centre for expertise and financial support, seeking help from professionals and sharing with someone you can confide in is a step in addressing mental illness,’’ she said.

A passerby, Mrs Comfort Karik , commended the corps member for using her time, energy and resources to give back to the society in a positive way.
She noted that some Corp members may use their resources for nefarious acts which would be detrimental to their health and the society at large.
Mrs. Salilat Latif, an NYSC inspector in Jos North urged the society to support the efforts of Corps members noting that many communities in Plateau have mentally ill people that were uncomfortable to seek for help because of the fear of being stigmatized as mad.



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