Group sues for peace in Jos

A Non-Governmental Organization, Nigerian stability and Reconciliation Programme, (NSRP), has said that peace cannot be undermined as all People regardless of race or colour bask in the amazing euphoria of peace as a cardinal panacea for development.

While addressing a press conference in Jos on Monday, the coordinator of the group, Gad Peter, said “through the efforts of government and none state actors a lot of human and material resources have been invested to ensuring the level of peace and stability, “Plateau is enjoying, stressing that the partnership between the state government and non state actors in Plateau is a model that other troubled spots across the world could emulate “.

According to the group, “We are ready to cooperate with government and other critical stakeholders to sustain the peace currently been enjoyed in Plateau. This is because we know that peace building is not a race for self glorification as no one individual can do it all alone. We encourage communities to monitor conflict and crime in their communities and relate same to relevant authorities.
“We want to specially applaud the efforts of security agencies, who apart from their role of using state coercion to maintain peace, they have become peace builders in their right by validating activities of the civil society through their presence at community dialogues , meetings  ,trainings and other civil society engagements.

Gad also commended the Plateau state government for institutionalizing peace in the state by establishing the Peace Building Bureau, he added.
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme NSRP is an NGO aimed at supporting Nigeria Institutions and actors to manage conflict non-violently more often and reduce the impact of violence on the most vulnerable population.

The programme is committed to ensuring that its interventions contribute to conflict prevention and mitigation of violent conflict and its impact and the lessons learned from the programme are captured and disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders to enhance its demonstrated effect on practices and policies across institutions involved in conflict management locally, nationally and globally.



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