MH17 flight downing: Evidence ready


Flight MH17 crash site
Flight MH17 crash site

Netherlands State prosecutors will present their findings on Wednesday in an investigation to determine who was responsible for the downing of a Malaysia Airlines aeroplane over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

They said the evidence was expected to pin down whether the rocket that struck flight MH17 came from pro-Russian separatists fighting in the region or Ukrainian forces.

The Boeing passenger plane was carrying 298 people en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July 2014 when it was struck, killing everyone on board.

Meanwhile, most of the passengers were Dutch.

Prosecutors are also expected to provide details on the missile that downed the plane.

Previous research by the Dutch-led investigation indicated that the plane was hit by a buk-surface-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian rebels.

However Russia has repeatedly denied this claim and has blamed the crash on Ukraine. (dpa/NAN)



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