Hurricane targets US, forces election shift


Hurricane to hit Haiti again
Hurricane Matthew targets US

Hurricane Matthew is now fast approaching the Bahamas and is set to hit US states of Florida and South Carolina soon.

All air and sea traffic has been halted on the islands and people have been urged to move to higher ground the bbc reports.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to strengthen from a category 3 storm to a category 4 by the time it gete to the US states.

Meanwhile in Haiti, rescue workers are having a hard time as they struggle to reach the parts worst hit by the powerful hurricane, in search of survivors.

It battered a remote area of Haiti – one of the world’s poorest countries, with many residents living in flimsy housing in flood-prone areas – with winds of up to 230km/h (145mph).

Officials said they were not yet in a position to gauge the true extent of the damage – particularly in the Grand Anse area on the southern tip of the island, which was directly in the storm’s path.

A key bridge has been destroyed, roads are impassable and phone communications are down, officials said.
The storm had already forced Haiti to postpone its Presidential Elections earlier scheduled for the weekend.

As the storm approach the United States, residents are already bracing up for impact and evacuation is ongoing.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said his state could be facing its biggest evacuation ever.

South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley said 250,000 people would be evacuated from coastal areas.

Matthew is the region’s most powerful hurricane since Felix in 2007.

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