Clinton drubs Trump in second debate


Clinton and Trump in St Louis
Clinton beats Trump in St Louis debate. NYT Photo

Hillary Clinton won the second debate with Donald Trump, all the US networks and the big newspapers unanimously reported. A CNN poll gave Clinton 57% and Trump 34%. Los Angeles Times three judges all gave the points to Clinton.

In case you missed the debate, here are the highlights as reported by New York Times:

The second presidential debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton began with explosive attacks and ended with a measure of graciousness, as the two candidates complimented each other at the request of an audience member. Mrs. Clinton said she admired the Trump children, while Mr. Trump called his opponent “a fighter.”

But the candidates savaged each other on the way to the finish, with Mr. Trump struggling mightily for much of the evening to address questions about his finances, policy ideas and treatment of women.

In several tense exchanges, Mr. Trump acknowledged that he had avoided paying federal income taxes for years, called his taped description of sexual assault “locker room-talk” and accused Mrs. Clinton of victimizing women and carrying “hate in her heart.” He also said that as president he would appoint a special prosecutor to pursue Mrs. Clinton.

In a comparatively subdued performance, Mrs. Clinton hewed close to the basic arguments of her campaign: That she is an experienced public servant and Mr. Trump is unfit to be president. Mr. Trump, she said, “owes our country an apology.”

Watch the 90 minute debate here: