3yrs validity: JAMB lobby Reps to reject decision


 Professor Is’haq Oloyede

Professor Is’haq Oloyede

The Registrar of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB), Professor Is’haq Oloyede, has urged the leadership of the Federal House of Representatives to go against the proposed law of three years validity for the JAMB results.

Oloyede who spoke to journalists in Ilorin on Thursday expressed his disaffection with the policy stressing that it will cause more damages on the nation’s education system.

According to him, “Senate has taken a decision and I belief JAMB does not agreed with that decision but if it is the wish of Nigerians, then, JAMB will faithfully implement it. And I believe JAMB has notified the legislature of the dangers inherent in such act.

“It is an unhealthy decision because is going to hurt the student more than it could help them and at the end of the day, it is going to create infrastructural problems on the nation.”

The JAMB further added that “For instance, people don’t know that what JAMB conduct is achievement test not attitude test. So in Nigeria, just like every other things, when you get something to copy from
outside, we do not look at the infrastructure on which is been treated.

“Achievement test will not allow for such because it is not meant for that and there is also a correlation and sought of relationship between the curriculum or curricula and the questions set by JAMB.”

The don who is also the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin said: “If for instance you give examination this year and by law you say it should be valid for a period of three years and next
year you say there is a change of curriculum in the University, are you going to admit student with a qualification with a test that has no relationship?. I think when there are problems, I believe there are problems but we should not rush to greater problems in solving a smaller problem.

“With due respect to the Senate, a second thought is necessary and that is why we are appealing to the house of representative not to agree. To also have a second look and should not even get to the point of seeking the ascent of Mr. President on the matter. I believe that, that is the essence of bi-camera legislative system.”⁠⁠⁠⁠



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