Man sentence to 3 years imprisonment for impregnating his daughter in Benue

A Makurdi Upper Area Court II has sentenced Mr Thomas Akate 43, to three years imprisonment for incest and impregnating his daughter one Onazi Thomas.

Delivery the judgment on Wednesday in Makurdi, the Magistrate, Mohammed Ibrahim said that accused Akate has failed to “cast any doubt on the overwhelming evidence adduced by the prosecution”.

Mohammed said that the prosecution has proved his case beyond reasonable doubt and accordingly sentenced the accused to three years in prison without option of a fine.

“Having found you guilty of incest punishable under Section 390 of the Penal Code, you are hereby sentenced to three years imprisonment without an option of a fine”.

He explained that having sexual intercourse with a person whom you know or have reason to believe is your blood relation was the gist of the offense so committed under section 390 of the penal code laws.

“Evidence before the court has proved that the accused has pathological craving for incest”.

The prosecutor Sargent Omaye Ujata said that the case was reported at B Division Police Station High-level Makurdi by one Francis Omanga of Adi Etulo, Buruku Local Government Area.

Ujata said that the accused was dragged to court for allegedly having sexual intercourse with two of her biological daughters Ester and Onazi where the later became pregnant for him.

She said that for the accused to succeed in his mission he would beat up her daughter, use razor blade to injure them on her laps and hands for easy penetration.

Omaye further said that in order for the accused to cover up his shame he took Onazi to River Benue and pushed her into the river to drown but God helped her.

“He also gave the victim money to purchase Ignedo-Goko cleanser to take so that the pregnancy would be terminated. She also took herbs for fear of her father but the pregnancy refused to go.

“Onazi sister Esther also suffered the same faith, whenever Onazi went out to sell pure water her father would be robbing his penis on her vagina until he ejaculate which she said would cause her pains in her stomach and anus”.

However the accused denied the allegation during prosecution claiming that “there is nothing he did consciously”



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