Please Advise: My husband can’t perform again…

This is a mail from one of our readers asking for advice concerning her relationship. Read below…

“Pls, help me post. I need people’s opinion. I am married to a loving man. He has all the good physique of a man and qualities of a husband. But there is a problem. When we dated, he was very good in bed and romantic too which quickly made me accept when he proposed. Not until we had our two babies and he got transferred. I couldn’t join him because of my job but we kept communication real. When he visits and we made love, he was no longer satisfying. Always too quick to climax when I’m about to start. It kept going on for long until I was forced to ask. He kept on saying that it was stress. It got to a stage I disliked him to the extent I almost tried cheating but couldn’t because of the guilt. At a point, he said I don’t corporate but this is the guy I blow job, and do everything I can within my power to see that he’s on and when we start, he goes flat and the next thing is heavy sleeping with snore while I weep. please what do l do in this situation?



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