Mother of one seeks separation of 6 year-old marriage over theft.

Mrs Taiwo, an Ibadan based trader and mother of one on Friday asked a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her six year-old marriage to husband Ibrahim Ekeolu for stealing her money.

Narrating her ordeal, Taiwo, of Ireakari, Mokola stated that her husband, Ibrahim was crippling her business through constant theft of her business money or capital.

“For a number of times, Ibrahim has stolen the money meant for my business despite the fact that he does not make any contribution to it.

“He has stolen thousands of money from me to cripple my business and if I ask, he turns me into a punching bag.

“My lord, he battered me one day such that I collapsed into the gutter, each time he beat me, I end up in the hospital.

“As if those are not enough, Ibrahim lacks any manner of responsibility as he doesn’t want to know how our only child and I sustain our lives.

“Worst of all, Ibrahim is jobless and does nothing about it,” Taiwo explained.

However, Ibrahim an electrician of Iyemetu-Igosun who debunked the allegations leveled against him accepted the divorce suit giving his own side of the issue.

“My lord, Taiwo is a first class prostitute who thinks she can continue to fool me.

“Taiwo goes out and return home at anytime she feels, staying two or three months with her parents.

“In this state of constant abandonment, I saw Taiwo cooking very early one morning; she told me that one of her relatives was sick and needed food in the hospital.

“She took the food and I carefully trailed her, I saw her entering a hotel with the food.

“Though, I couldn’t get the room she entered, but I waited until she came out with her concubine and both of them sighted me and they took another direction out.

“Taiwo knew what I was going to do, when she got home, she packed away with most of my belongings.

“Taiwo as a woman is a drunkard, when she returns home late, alcohol smells all over her body and sleeps to unconsciousness.

“When I reported the incident to her parents, they instead supported her as they usually did,” Ibrahim explained.
Mr Henric Agbaje, the President of the court, however, asked the duo to produce evidence to support their claims and adjourned the case to Nov. 13, for judgment.



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