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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Last year, Forbes estimated that Queen Elizabeth II’s private wealth totaled to $530 million. But even with that much capital, Her Majesty still carries around small amounts of cash—only on one day of the week. Read also: Emir Sanusi launches first Islamic insurance in Nigeria

It turns out, the Queen usually totes some cash in her purse on Sunday so she can make a donation to the church. Her typical contribution is £5 ($6.60), but sometimes she’ll give £10 ($13.20) at the service. She also makes sure not to draw attention to her offering, and reportedly has a butler iron the bills into a square so she can discreetly add her donation to the collection. Read also: Read full details why Ayo Salami rejects appointment

The news may come as a surprise, but a source from the palace first revealed the tidbit to Us Weekly in 2015. In addition to her cash offering, Her Majesty also carries lozenges, compact, tissues, lipstick and a fountain pen in her purse, according to a 2012 biography on the monarch. When it comes to packing her bag, the Queen sticks to the necessities.

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